Edward Robert Hughes, Summer Fantasy, 1911

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Hi. I’m Robin Whitham McCrady, BA, English Language & Literature, MA, American & New England Studies, Bostonian, Smithie, Museums Professional, Writer, Bluestocking, Herb Gardener, & Occasional Stargazer. My hope is that you will be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged to follow your own passion for your own extraordinary journey through time, from this, my newly launched WordPress magazine blog, called, Wise Welsh Witch. In it, I plan to publish various original articles, essays, and excerpts from scholarly works, that make for what will someday become a book series, in three volumes. Ambitious? Yes. But, impossible? Never. One can always hear the cackle of the naysayer in any marketplace, but the delightful voice to listen for, is the voice of the one who came before us with great success. Find your muse, hear their melody, and move on…

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Currently, I’m Researching, Writing, Educating, and Publishing on all things American Studies, Grief, Mothers, Tea Parties, Julia Margaret Cameron, American Literature, Joy, Herb Gardens, Annie Adams Fields, Nineteenth Century New England Regional Literati, Melancholy, Long Walks, Sarah Orne Jewett, American Art, Patience, Daughters, Fine China & Linens, Celia Thaxter, British Literature, Hope, Shelves of Old Books, Mabel Lowell, Women’s Studies, Faith, Cemeteries, Marianne North, British Art, Love, Home Baked Dainties, Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz, Religious Studies, Despair, Faerie Folk, and Harriet Beecher Stowe, and more, as each day presents new and interesting opportunities to juxtapose the past with the present, the future with the present, or, at times, both.

Wise Women, such as Midwives, Astronomers, Mathematicians, Healers, Philosophers, Herbalists, and Storytellers were once persecuted, as Witches. ” Robin Whitham McCrady


For Wise Welsh Witch installments, which are excerpts of my scholarly work, Framed in Constructed New England Regional Literary Identity: The Julia Margaret Cameron Photographic Portraits of Famous Men & Fair Women, I would like to thank the Museums and Library Professionals at Sarah Orne Jewett House Museum, Historic New England, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston Athenaeum, Maine Historical Society, Orchard House Museum, The Cunningham Center for Prints, Drawings & Photographs at Smith College Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institute Archives in American Art, Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House, and Harvard Library, each, for their valuable and dedicated assistance, their kind and generous patience, and their faithful commitment to their profession. 

To my extraordinary children — who lived with the lives of Julia Margaret Cameron, Annie Adams Fields, and Sarah Orne Jewett for more hours than anyone would, could, or should, while assuring me they understood the big, “So what?” — my thanks to you for giving me what have always been, the very best years of my life as both mother and home educator. I cherish the joyful memories of our precious time together as the three warriors who slew dragons, fell in love with princes and princesses, claimed all the treasure that was ours for the taking, and created victorious new dreams from defeated old nightmares. Though one of us did not survive all that we endured, owing to a mad king at the bottom of the hill, ours was and is, a bond that endures forever, through eternity. 

Finally, this work is lovingly and passionately dedicated to my beloved husband, Stratton McCrady, who first, last, and always – through all things – believed.

Wise Welsh Witch, by Robin Whitham McCrady, Copyright, 2020. 

All references, citations, sources, and bibliographies are available upon request.