In My Toolbox: Music & Movement & Magic, Through Nia

“After studies in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz with Margaret Dymon of Massachusetts School of Ballet, Alta Lu Townes of KSC “An Evening of Dance,” Gemze de Lapp, of Duncan “Isadorables,” Arthur Hall, of Afro-American Dance Ensemble, and others, I completed my Nia Technique Intensive training in 2008 with the incomparable Nia Trainer, Winalee Zeeb, and began a transformative journey.

Since then, the Music & Movement & Magic of Nia has empowered me, Spirit + Soul + Body, as I continue scholarly pursuits in English Language & Literature, Art History, and American & New England Studies.  With essences of Martial Arts, Dance Arts, and Healing Arts, I have also discovered a sensory awareness that makes for a lifetime of health and wellness, through every hour of Nia.  

A dedicated Museums Professional for over ten years, I have worked and conducted research for The Cunningham Center for Prints, Drawings, & Photographs, Smith College Museum of Art, Mortimer Rare Book Room, Harvard Art Museums, Historic Deerfield, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, The Boston Athenaeum, Historic New England, and Smithsonian Archives of American Art.  

As such, I invite you to, “Step Into Your Body as a Unique Work of Fine Art,”  through, “Music & Movement & Magic,” initiatives for community development.  And, as an enthusiastic and joyful Nia Instructor, I invite you to, “Move Your Body In Your Body’s Way,” by seeking out and joining in Nia classes, jams, workshops, and events throughout the greater New England region!” ~ Robin Whitham McCrady, Licensed Nia Instructor, White Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt Certified.

That’s my Nia Professional introduction, usually found on the Nia, or “Neuromuscular Integrative Action,” website, where I list any classes, workshops, or seminars that I might be teaching. I’ve taken a break, since summer, with my work through Nia, as I discovered that this precious tool in my box had prevented me from thriving, during a complicated season of searching and exploring in 2019. That’s the beauty of it, actually. In Nia, we use something called “Natural Time,” for directing our wellness journey. When I telephoned my beloved Trainer, she reassured me that I knew myself best, and that I would make the best decisions for myself during this past season of transition.

When I first discovered Nia, and all its myriad uses, it saved my life. Literally. I’d always enjoyed movement forms as wellness disciplines, and for me, that was the easiest part of Nia. What I’d not always done was to move my body with any kind of awareness. I beat my body up, through years of backward leaning away from trauma, as I attempted forward leaning toward healthy living. The problem was, I’d always done that intellectually, but never spiritually, emotionally, or even physically. I researched, and then implemented new movement fads with the usual force of nature that I was always determined to apply to my life, but always without much success or transformation.

Nia was different. Nia in my toolbox addressed the whole of my being in one hour, with essences from nine movement forms that cultivated joy, or peace, or harmony, as well as, sorrow, or anger, or fear deep within my soul. Once presented, I was able to choose awareness at my own pace, which Nia always encourages. From this, I learned to channel my emotions in productive and healing ways. Angry about injustice? Donate to a worthy cause. Joyful about life? Throw a party. Frightened about exams? Remember all those A’s on the transcript. And what followed, was greater agility, mobility, flexibility, stability, and balance throughout my whole being: spirit, soul, and body.

Nia in my toolbox gave me power, health, fitness, and beauty – inside and outside – in varying stages of development. I learned more, achieved more, played more, and rested more, with each year that Nia moved in and out of my life by degrees both literal and metaphorical. Without Nia, I would never have learned to cultivate the strength I needed to survive and ultimately thrive. Nia, and the Nia community have been a source of continual inspiration, support, encouragement, growth, and development as I have moved through aging in my forties, fifties, and soon, my sixties, seventies, eighties, and even nineties. Watch closely, now, as 2020 is soon upon us. New beginnings are happening. Ready, set, go, because the break I’ve taken since summer, with my work through Nia, is over!

In My Toolbox: Music & Movement & Magic, Through Nia, Copyright, Wise Welsh Witch, 2020.

Wise Women, such as Midwives, Astronomers, Mathematicians, Healers, Philosophers, Herbalists, and Storytellers were once persecuted, as Witches,” from Wise Welsh Witch. 

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