Wise Welsh Witch: Whimsy, Wit, and Wisdom for a Weary World

Edward Robert Hughes, Summer Fantasy, 1911

Wise Women, such as Midwives, Astronomers, Mathematicians, Healers, Philosophers, Herbalists, and Storytellers were once persecuted, as Witches. “

Bostonian, Smithie, Independent Museums Professional, Writer, Bluestocking, Herb Gardener, & Occasional Stargazer. If you would like daily scroll encounters with Wise Welsh Witch, you can find the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page links by clicking on their widgets, or icons, found at the top of the menu bar, or installed in part, along the sidebar of the Wise Welsh Witch magazine. Each day, I look through hundreds of the latest in words and images, for the best in brief encounters with Arts, Humanities, and Sciences on the Internet, and share it all in one place, for everyone to enjoy. Aesthetically pleasing, and always engaging, you can expect a scroll through the Whimsy, Wit, and Wisdom for a Weary World, that is what Wise Welsh Witch is all about. You can also sign up for emails that notify you about the most recent Wise Welsh Witch posts. Alliteration for amusement, and affect, abounds, but only as the occasional afterthought…

Wise Welsh Witch, Copyright, 2020.

All references, citations, sources, and bibliographies are available upon request.

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